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Posible fututo FerrariWorld Beijing (China)

NotaPublicado: 19 Dic 2016, 14:27
por Pinin
'Ferrari World' Theme Park Reportedly Coming to China

Start your engines! Earlier last month, Ferrari penned a non-binding agreement with two Chinese companies — the Beijing Automotive Group and BAIC Eternaland Property — to design, build and open a Ferrari-themed amusement park in a yet-unnamed ‘primary Chinese city.’

If that ‘primary city’ happens to be Shanghai, then it will be the latest in a series of theme parks queuing up to enter the city. (Namely: Shanghai Disney Resort, Polar Ocean World, Winterworld and Legoland). If the ‘primary city’ is Beijing, then the Ferrari park will join Universal Studios as the second foreign-owned theme park in the northern capital. Other first-tier cities like Guangzhou and Shenzhen are possible (but unlikely) candidates.

China’s Ferrari World would be the world’s third. The first, located near Abu Dhabi in the UAE, is the largest indoor theme park in the world, home to the world’s fastest rollercoaster, and was named Leading Middle Eastern Attraction in the 2015 World Travel Awards.

A second is scheduled to open this year in Spain, less than an hour’s drive from the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya.


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Re: Posible fututo FerrariWorld Beijing (China)

NotaPublicado: 22 Dic 2016, 19:27
por MotorWeb
Espero que sea original y no a base de réplicas del país. :lol: